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policies & procedures

1. Attendance in an Academy is only allowed when registration is complete (payment has been made in full and all forms have been submitted). Students who have not completed registration will not be allowed to participate.

2. Payments will NOT be accepted at Academy locations. If you’ve missed registration days you must either pay via bank transfer, direct deposit or visit our office.

3. Missed days will NOT be refunded/credited. However, participants can feel free to attend any of our other locations to make-up for a missed day (you must first call the office to schedule make-up classes). Makeup classes will only be allowed during the term they are missed and they do not carry over to the next term.

4. Classes that are canceled by MPAC Sports will either be made up at the end of the term or credited to the next term.

5. There is an additional fee of 150 AED for checks returned for ANY reason. It is the responsibility of the person writing the check to make sure it is filled out properly.

6. After a check has been returned payment must be made in cash & include the returned check fee. We will return the original check AFTER full payment has been received.

7. Maximum class size is 30 students per class.

8. All payments must be made via cash, credit card, or check written to MPAC Sports.

9. Refunds will not be issued for any reason.